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Giving Voice to Intuition

What are you dreaming of? What do you wish for? When I meet new clients I will typically ask them to spend some time reflecting on what it is that they desire or wish for more than anything. To help give this ask some shape, I will direct them to make one physical and the other two emotional or mental in root.

But how do we know what we are truly longing for?

In order to know what we truly desire, it is important to be connected to your own intuition. Its that knowing voice that lives deep within you that seems to have the most astounding clarity on what it is that serves you best. Unfortunately most times it seems that we can compare that voice to more of a whisper and the chatter in our mind is so loud that we can barely hear a single note.

We all can relate to what it feels like to lose our connection with our intuition. Suddenly we are confused and find difficulty making sense of what we think should be good for us with what is truly of our hearts' desire. When I ask the student to tell me what their wishes are, the blank stare on their face is one that I personally know and connect with. The beauty is however that we can relearn how to give that inner voice more clarity to speak and be heard. We begin by peeling back layers: expectations, conformities... all of the things that seem to stand in the way. Slowly, slowly we find our true North.

Practicing yoga and meditation can serve as a method to reconnect. In my classes, you often hear me talk about the practice of strengthening the dialogue between the body, mind and spirit. In yoga asana we tap into a 4 part formula to align the body, deepen the breath, enhance our focus/drishti, and more deeply cleanse the body with energetic locks/ bhandas. This takes great attention and the intention to continually invite yourself back to be present to your experience on the mat. In time the energy of the mind and its constant chatter begins to quiet and can reveal your true, authentic self. We develop confidence through our clarity. That is breath of fresh air!

Whenever I practice in ways to reconnect with that deep knowing, things come my way almost effortlessly. This does not mean that I do not have to work hard for it. My goodness, it can be real struggle some days. But the hard work comes from a place of joy and ease, versus struggle and resistance. The next time you find yourself rigidly fighting for something, ask yourself – is this truly what I should be fighting for at this moment in time? If it is not, offer yourself the invitation to foster the confidence, self-love and acceptance that is needed to follow your dreams and begin to make them reality. You can do this!

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