• We ask you to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before class to say "hi", complete a waiver and get comfortable in the space.

  • When determining what to wear, think easy to move and comfortable. Wear something that promotes ease in your body. Be kind to yourself and fellow students by ensuring that no clothing is transparent. 

  • Bring a yoga mat (any kind will do) and a reusable water bottle. Don't have a mat? Rent one of ours for $1. The center will provide all necessary props (blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets, etc.) so feel free to keep yours at home. 

  • Our space is intimate so please plan to arrive a little early and sign-up for class ahead of time via MindBodyOnline to ensure your spot. All classes are limited to 14 students to ensure a deeper student/ teacher and student/ student connection.

  • If you are signed-up and no-show, please understand that you will be charged for the class spot. Students can log into MindBodyOnline and early cancel their reservation up to 10 minutes before class without incurring a fee. 

  • Please note that we are not a gym and do not have a locker room or shower facilities. Leave items you won't need in your vehicle or at home. 

  • Plan to leave any valuables at home. Silenced cell phones, keys, and other personal belongings will be kept in the lobby. Less is more.

  • The center's doors will be locked one minute before the session begins. Please plan accordingly to respect fellow community members. 

  • Always let your instructor know if you have any new injuries or sensations arising in the body. Cuing will bring the practice of yoga to you, regardless of what you are experiencing. Create space to talk to teachers after class and keep us posted on your progress/ recovery. We care about you! Private sessions are encouraged where needed. Inquire with our teachers or email HERE to set up a session.

  • Tea and snacks are available so plan to hang after class & connect with your community. Learning to live slowly is central to our mission.

  • What are all these non-English words? In reverence to the lineages of practice, we use the languages of Pali and Sanskrit in addition to the English language. Sanskrit is regarded as a perfect language in that each sound contains its meaning and the potency of that vibration is amplified when spoken. Listening to, studying and using the language is regarded as a spiritual practice in it of itself. Enjoy the sound and never hesitate to ask questions of our skillful instructors. 

  • Yoga is about remembering your belonging. Enjoy the process of meeting your body, mind and heart each and every time you come to practice. May we all honor our lives as an expression of love and kindness. 



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