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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to Heart Center! Whether you are new to Yoga or simply new to our classes/ center, the below information may help you to feel best prepared for your first visit.

  • Please arrive a minimum of 5-10 minutes early to allow time to center and settle. Our doors are open one-half hour before class starts. The space and hot tea will be ready for you. Enter quietly and honor yourself and the needs of your fellow practitioners. 

  • For the safety and respect of our students, the main doors will be locked at the start of class. If you arrive late, you may be prompted to wait outdoors until centering has completed and the other students have been notified that the space will be opened. We will start and end on-time for each class. 

  • Dress comfortably so that you may sit, move about freely and feel good during your practice. 

  • We recommend that students bring their own yoga mats. We have a few extra available should you need to borrow one of ours. Props are available for your use, and you may bring yours, if you choose.

  • Bring a bottle of water with you. Heart only provides hot water/ tea.

  • If you have a health condition, illness or injury that might affect your ability to participate fully in class, please inform your instructor before class. While you may have made a disclosure within your initial waiver, keep info flowing as it is relevant. This is important so I we may ensure that our offerings are accessible and inclusive for all. 

  • If you are feeling under the weather, we ask that you stay home and rest up. We promote mask wearing at anytime to reduce the spread of viruses. Heart will remain in accordance with any guidelines provided for the health and well-being of the general population.

  • Register for class using the MindBodyOnline app or website. You will be prompted to create a username and password and may select The Heart Revival Center for Yoga. Please use an email address that you check to receive waitlist and in-center information. New student rates, drop-in passes and packages will appear in the drop down once the class has been selected.

  • Feel free to communicate with your instructor via email by reaching out to our general mailbox. We are happy to receive updates, questions and feedback! 

Q: Do I need to pre-book before coming to class?

Heart Center is limited in capacity by design! Please pre-book via the MindBodyOnline app or website when possible. Drop-ins are welcome as space allows. If you are unable to make class, please remove yourself from the list well before we begin to make space for those on the waitlist. 

Q: I’ve never practiced Yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation, etc.) before and would be a complete beginner, which class do I take?

We welcome and encourage beginners to all of our classes. All Yoga classes are mixed-level and instruction is offered to suit both those who are new and the more experienced practitioner. Yoga is connection. Remain genuine to yourself and practice at your own pace. Heart guides offer breathing exercises, postures, and more with several modifications to keep the practice inclusive and equitable. Please note that we also offer Yin and restorative practices which are largely practiced on the floor, Adaptive Series for teens and adults with developmental differences and occasional pop-up chair Yoga classes. Want to check out our vibe? Preview a complimentary pre-recorded class by clicking HERE.

Q: I am pregnant and would love to practice Yoga. 

A: Pregnant women are welcome to join any of our classes. If you do not already have a regular Yoga practice prior to pregnancy, we advise starting in your second trimester. Please inform your instructor as to where you are in your journey so that we may offer specific recommendations to support you and baby. Mamas are strong and empowered, please join us!

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