Frequently Asked Questions

  • COVID19 Precautions for in-center visits:

    • Read on to learn about what precautions are in place for any gatherings in our parking lot, green space or building.

      • Team Heart observes enhanced cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces inside and outside of the building​

      • We ask all students and teachers to sanitize or wash their hands as needed

      • According to the latest CDC guidelines, those who have received the vaccine may opt to not wear a mask

      • Note that masks are always welcome and advised if you are not vaccinated

      • We will not verify your vaccine status however we absolutely trust that you will make choices that serve you and the community

      • In-center class size is limited to 10 students, outdoor programs to 14

      • Bring your own yoga mat, water, tea mug and any other props you'd like

      • Heart has props available for your use- please sanitize props before you leave the center

      • Folding chairs will be provided for outdoor events; feel free to bring your own chair if preferred

      • If you are feeling ill, exhibiting any COVID19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with the virus, we ask that you opt to join us via our live-stream options

  • Always let your instructor know if you have any new injuries or sensations arising in the body. Cuing will bring the practice of yoga to you, regardless of what you are experiencing. Create space to talk to teachers after class and keep us posted on your progress/ recovery. We care about you! Private sessions are encouraged where needed. Inquire with our teachers, review our Services page or email HERE to set up a session.

  • Yoga is about remembering your belonging. Enjoy the process of meeting your body, mind and heart each and every time you come to practice. May we all honor our lives as an expression of love and kindness.

  • Online classes! We ask that you register a minimum of 30 minutes before class start in order to receive a secure class link via email (note what address you used for your MindBody account).

  • Your instructor will email you a minimum of 30 minutes before class with the secure link.

  • Google Chrome is ideal for audio/ visual success. 

  • Classes are not recorded or distributed to protect any conversations had between community members and teachers. 

  • Practice safely! Feel free to reach out to your teacher post class, via email, should you have questions.