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Solstice Reflections from the Heart

here I find where the

edges of heart and soul meet

and love flows freely

- ss

Dearest Sangha, welcome to a season both familiar and new. Welcome to Summer.

This summer comes to us at a time of observing ourselves: the pieces changed, the pieces the same, the pulsing passion and purpose of the heart. This summer comes to us as a period ripe with unprecedented understanding

of the walls we build within us and around us.

This summer comes to us in an instance unexpected, in which the insurgence of green does not bring ease of gathering with it,

as it usually does.

Yet, this summer comes to us (thankfully, so thankfully) with its routine offering of a bit of space to breathe. And within the sweet space - you know the one, following an exhale - this summer comes to us offering a boastful collection of light.

The light of this summer offers us

intensified illumination

on matters of the mind. The light of this summer offers us swelling hearts and graceful gratitude toward the things we’d never guessed we’d long for.

The light of this summer offers us creative means of connecting, collaborating, and constructing An evolved world in which all are supported.

The light of this summer offers us a network of neighbors, more expansive than before, as our hearts conjoin in support of the paramount cause:

to listen,

to know,

to love,

to belong

to be.

The light of this summer offers us the wisdom

that when we are together,

truly together,

we are free.

Just as we yoke body and mind, spirit and breath, you and me... may the light of this summer continue to offer us the means and might to bind together the corners of our community…

in the solicitous spirit of Sangha.


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