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Distinctive Voice of True Self

"Who am I?" No, really, "Who are YOU?"

This question is one that is often posed again and again as we pursue awakening. Without awareness, many of us hold onto countless identities that are shaped around beliefs, thoughts, race, body... But with sincere inquiry, in time, we can begin to sense a deeper level of truth at work.

As part of your regular practice, take time to ask again and again, "Who am I?" See the many answers that arise... "I am a teacher", "I am a meditator", "I am a sister/ brother", "I am a mother/ father"... "I am worried", "I am love", "I am conscious"... The answers themselves do not matter, they are simply part of a deepening and a discovering process. Stay with whatever comes up, even silence! Allow in time your perspective to change and come to discover bit by bit who you truly are.


Awakening to our true nature is to honor our personal destiny. It has been said that the life force that is translated through you is active and flowing. Because there is only one YOU in all of time, this voice, this frequency, is special and distinctive. If you ignore it or silence it, it will never exist through any other medium and therefore can be lost forever.

What a gift it is that each of us has a unique melody. Each of us, a unique set of patterns, a character, that lays forth the path that we are here to realize. To pursue such a path is to know the incredible potential of your life and the many tasks necessary to carry it out. That knowing of Self is the force from which we shine brightly. For instance, our intuitiveness can lead to mindful people-leading, our empathy can forge great healing gifts, our desire for connection can be the force that brings harmony to divided community. Seeking to sense our patterns and gifts given to us, and to fulfill them, is a wondrous part of personal development and fulfilled dharma.

When we ask, "Who am I?", in time we will begin to touch true emptiness. Let us note that true emptiness is not empty but actually includes ALL things. The void itself reflects ALL potential and possibility. The great capacities of unique life path, of love and emptiness, entangle and manifest the one true nature of life. In the great silence of being- there you are. We are not something to be named or owned... Seek to know for yourself that the development of True Self, and the the release of it, will come together as a profound mystery of form and formlessness.

Sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the endless inquiry.

With lightness and humor,



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