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Yoga Classes & Satsang

Community gathering = satsang! Join The Heart Revival community for a devotional practice (sadhana) that encompasses all of Yoga + supportive Dharma teachings. 


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Weekly Yoga Schedule
*Designates both in-center and livestream (Zoom) options. Please note that should there be no livestream registrations up to one half hour before class starts, the Heart instructor will remove the option to best serve those in-center. 

6am Sunrise Yoga with Renee
6pm Candlelight Yoga with Meg
7:15pm Sangha / Community Meditation with Meg

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
4:30pm 8-Limbed Path/ Astanga with Meg
6pm Classical Vinyasa with Gino 

6am Compassionate Hatha with Heather
4:30pm Yoga for Strength & Stability with Ally
6pm Midweek
Mellow Yin with Morgan

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
4:30pm Warrior Vinyasa with Michelle
6pm Wholehearted Yoga with Rose *+Zoom
7:15pm Adaptive Yoga with Rose *+Zoom

6am Classical Vinyasa with Meg

7:30am Yin + Dharma with Meg
9am Mindful Vinyasa with Ashley


Special programs

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Yoga Class Descriptions

Heart Hatha


This class invites people of all levels, those new to the practice to the most experienced, to enjoy the healing benefits of Yoga. Breathe deeply and connect into feeling with your body. This class offers space to work honestly at your edges so that you may develop effective tools to address fear and struggle. This makes it possible for integrity, self awareness and playful curiosity to become part of your daily life. Your only requirement for class is a willingness to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. This is traditional sadhana at its best. | Tuesday and Thursday 6am

The 8-Limbed Path / Ashtanga


The Yoga Sutras, compiled more than 1,500 years ago by the Indian sage Patanjali, are foundational to yoga as we know it today. In fact, they are the thread that connects the many schools and lineages of yoga. In the sutras, Patanjali outlines the eight limbs (ashtanga) of yoga, the eightfold path of spiritual growth and self-discovery. These limbs are ethical guidelines on how to live a vibrant, meaningful life, and they are just as relevant to contemporary practitioners as they were to the seekers back in the time of Patanjali. Each of the eight limbs addresses a different aspect of our multifaceted being, and together they act as a road map to what we call “yoga off the mat.” This sadhana (integrative practice) aims to honor the whole system of yoga in order to honor the wholeness of your being. The asana portion of the class will informed by the Primary series. | Tuesday 4:30pm

Candlelight Yoga


Yoga supports us to remember that we belong to the light. During these times, may we take time to curate a lovely, nurturing and quiescent atmosphere most conducive for contemplation and communion with the Divine. Meg guides community through a well-balanced and most-nourishing asana, pranayama and meditation practice that seeks to transform the mundane moment to the hushed sublime of the sacred. Feel free to stick around for community meditation afterwards. | Monday 6pm

Mid-week Mellow Yin 


This class will be a blend: we will begin with gentle movement that will include standing postures. From here we will settle into slower, floor-based postures. Unwind holding patterns and tend to your joints, allowing energy and circulation to get into a state of flowing. Connect the movement of your body to your breath, allowing the mind to become centered and perceptive. Give yourself the space and time to feel, notice and calibrate by down shifting into an open and curious place. | Wednesday 6pm

Mindful Vinyasa


This class provides all the physiological benefits of intelligent movement, soothes the nervous system and mind from over-stimulation, and helps practitioners access true peace and insight. The asana portion of the class is conducted mindfully, linked with breath and infused with dharmic guidance such as stopping and looking deeply into the nature of the body, appreciating the group of practitioners, observing the miracle of breathing, touching into beginner's mind/ fresh perspective and similar awareness practices. | Saturday 9am

Sunrise Yoga


At your nature, you are stable, strong, and dignified. This class offers access to a Yoga practice that is unhurried, thoughtful, deliberate and meditative. Asana/ postures will be held longer than a typical flow class to offer time for the exploration of strong foundational alignment principles. This time may be supportive for the beginning student or the most advanced. Be kind to you and watch that ripple out into the world around you. 

Monday and Wednesday 6am 

Wholehearted Yoga for Self-Love


Join Rose for a soulful yoga class that is designed to encourage self-compassion. During our time together, we practice tuning in to the messages the body so readily sends us through a combination of mantra, breath, asana, and deep self-compassion practices. Props and supports are encouraged and often used in this class, including: the wall space, yoga strap, a pair of yoga blocks, and a blanket. Heart has all of these items for your use, however you are always welcome to bring personal props or additional items for your supreme comfort.  Thursday 6pm

Classical Yoga


Connect to your heart's calling, your innate power, your voice and authenticity. Students can anticipate longer holds for postures, strong emphasis on the breath, pranayama techniques and guided meditation to support the physical practice. Pacing and sequence will align to the Ayurvedic cycle/ season to offer greater balance to all practitioners. Enjoy a practice that is most devotional: the greatest love you will ever know is you, dear one. | Tuesday 6pm and Friday 6am 

Yoga for Strength and Stability


Yoga for strength & stability highlights the balance of form & flow allowing all levels of yoga practitioner to experience power & playful effort in their practice. Each strength & stability practice incorporates a grounding centering, a short somatic movement experience, a strong warm-up series, a juicy & creative peak flow sequence which comes to a close with counter stretches & closing breath-work, mantra, and/or poetry. You can expect this class to incorporate functional & diverse movement, asana variations, repetitive vinyasa flow in combination with breath pace, as well as, blocks & other props to provide you with a most supportive & sustainable practice. This class offers you the opportunity to refine your practice, renew your curiosity & discover success at any level! Wednesday 4:30pm

Warrior Vinyasa


The growth of our “spiritual warrior” nature includes developing the courage, unwavering focus, and determination to deal with our life’s challenging moments. This class offers access to the discovery of that warrior via a yoga practice that is unhurried, thoughtful, deliberate and meditative. This class includes all of the principles and core practices of yoga. Asana/ postures will be held longer than a typical flow class to offer time for the exploration of strong foundational alignment principles so that you may discover firsthand your nature which is strong, steady, and determined to endure with integrity.  | Thursday 4:30pm

Yin + Dharma


This class presents equal parts science and spirit. Yin Yoga can be experienced as a practice of optimal well-being for the whole self. This approach to Yoga presents new possibilities for transformation and holistic healing on all layers of being—body, mind, and heart. Unwind tension in the body to bring about long-lasting relief and health. Refresh the mind to bring clarity and deeper understanding and create spaciousness in the heart to let us live and love with greater ease and more joy. Most postures are practiced in a seated or supine position with the aid of props as needed. The Yin practice targets the connective tissues of the body which may support your aspirations for greater mobility and flexibility. | Saturday 7:30am

Yoga Nidra Meditation


Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep as it is commonly known, is an immensely powerful meditation technique, and one of the most accessible Yoga practices to develop and maintain. While the practitioner rests comfortably in supported savasana (corpse pose), this systematic meditation takes you through the pancha maya kosha (five layers of Self: physical, mental, emotional, wisdom, bliss), leaving you with a remembering of your wholeness. While we have several supportive props for your comfort, please feel free to bring along an extra blanket, small pillow and dress in layers. | Weekend pop-ups