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Yoga Child's Pose

Weekly Yoga + Meditation Classes

Join The Heart Revival community for an intentional practice (sadhana) that encompasses all of Yoga + supportive Dharma practice and teachings. Join us to move, breathe, focus, connect, and be.

Group practice is one of the most beneficial ways of deepening and extending our practice. We are supported and carried by the group energy which creates a powerful atmosphere and energy. Furthermore, group practice can strengthen and deepen our personal practice. Specific wisdom teachings are presented each month to keep us walking in step on the path. Read our current newsletter here!


All detailed class descriptions are listed within the scheduling widget below. Click "view details".

Easiest class registration and management happens via the MindBody App - click the button below. 

Please see Events for special series, workshops, retreats, teacher training +.

6am Sunrise Yoga - Vinyasa with Renee
9am Foundational Flow with Vanessa
4:30pm Soulflow with Vanessa

6pm Candlelight Hatha with Meg
7:15pm Satsang / Community Meditation with Meg

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
7:15am Morning Mindfulness with Meg, 45 mins
9am Dynamic Vinyasa with Diana
4:30pm Surrender to Sacred - Restore with Olivia
6pm Classical Vinyasa with Gino 
7:15pm,1st Tues/ month, Queer Satsang/ Community Meditation with Elias
7:15pm, 2nd Tues/ month, Interfaith Circle with Heidi

7:30pm, 3rd Tues/ month, Mindful Men's Circle with Adam

6am Compassionate Hatha with Heather
9am The Power of Play - Vinyasa with Vanessa
10:15am, 3rd Wed/ month, Wise Women's Circle (55+) with LuAnn
4:30pm Dynamic Vinyasa with Vanessa
6pm Midweek Mellow Yin with Morgan

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
7:15am Morning Mindfulness with Meg, 45 mins
9am Classical Vinyasa with Jody
4:30pm Warrior Vinyasa with Michelle (FREE)
6:00pm Wholehearted Hatha Restore with Jessica
7:15pm Satsang / Community Meditation with Meg

6am Classical Vinyasa with Vanessa
9am Hatha Renewal with Vanessa
4pm Wisdom Wind Down - Hatha Restore with derria (1st & 3rd Fridays)

7:30am Yin + Dharma with Meg
9am Chakras in Motion - Vinyasa with Meg
10:30am, 1st Sat/ month, Queer Community Yoga with Cassie or Elias


10am Slow Flow + Sit with Jessica
6pm Sunday Self-Care - Vinyasa with Jody

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