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Yoga Child's Pose



Weekly Yoga + Meditation Classes

Join The Heart Revival community for a devotional practice (sadhana) that encompasses all of Yoga + supportive Dharma practice and teachings. Join us to move, breathe, focus, connect an be.


Learn about our wisdom teaching each month via our newsletter and news. ​

Click into the below schedule to register for Yoga & Meditation classes/ events via MindBodyOnline.


Group practice is one of the most beneficial ways of deepening and extending our meditation. We are supported and carried by the group energy which creates a powerful atmosphere of practice. By participating in weekly group practice we can strengthen and deepen our personal practice which in turn gives momentum to maintaining a regular sitting routine. 


All detailed class descriptions are listed within MindBody.

Please see Events for special series, workshops +.

6am Sunrise Yoga (Vinyasa) with Renee
4:30pm Soulflow (Hatha-Vinyasa) with Vanessa

6pm Candlelight Yoga (Hatha) with Meg
7:15pm Sangha / Community Meditation with Meg

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
4:30pm 8-Limbed Path/ Astanga (Hatha-Vinyasa) with Meg
6pm Classical Vinyasa with Gino 

6am Compassionate Hatha with Heather
4:30pm Yoga for Ground & Stability (Vinyasa) with Ally
6pm Midweek
Mellow Yin with Morgan & supporting instructors

6am Hatha Yoga with Meg
4:30pm Warrior Vinyasa with Michelle
6:00pm Wholehearted Yoga (Hatha) with Rose

6am Classical Vinyasa with Meg

7:30am Yin + Dharma with Meg
9am Chakras in Motion (Vinyasa) with Garrett
10:30am Open Meditation with Ashley


Special programs

Click for Workshops, Events & Courses
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