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Advanced Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship




Meg Lucks proudly invites you to the Path with Heart Apprenticeship Program. This intimate mentor-based program is centered around the idea of learning via observation and engagement. By assisting Meg Lucks in the classroom setting, the apprentice learns and grows from hands-on practice training. Meg feels that the apprenticeship role is a brilliant way to help facilitate growing teachers to teach yoga based on the principles of traditional Yoga and the values of Heart Center. The program helps the teacher-in-training to build confidence and experience. 

Each program runs for 12 weeks and comprises a total of 25 training hours + in-classroom and teaching experience. All requirements are scheduled between you and Meg Lucks to be completed within that time frame. The heart of this program offers you close study with your mentor in the art of classroom management and individual conditions. Gain insights into the skills needed to conduct an inspiring and cohesive class: class organization, rapport with students, pacing and sequencing of a class, problem solving, working with beginners and therapeutic cases, holding space, working with props, language, voicing, the felt presence of the teacher and more. 


Applicants must complete a 1x1 interview prior to admittance. The program is limited to just a small group of students per session to ensure the best support and attention is given.

Path with Heart  Programs 2024

Below is a list of requirements to fulfill during the 12 week+ (approximate) apprenticeship period:

1. Close study with your mentor, to include:

> Observation: 6+ classes

> Opening:  3 classes

> Closing:  3 classes

> Private Instruction on specific topics

> Bi-weekly touch-base via Zoom or in-person: 6 thirty-minute sessions

> Program peer (other apprentices) co-counseling: 2 sessions

> Practice passes for use at Heart Center


2. Facilitation of one community yoga class at Heart Center, near or at the end of the program. This paid offering will be designed and promoted by you. Your mentor will support in your preparation, will attend and offer feedback after the class has concluded. 


3. Each apprentice will keep a journal. This is an opportunity to catalog the way in which your practice, knowledge, and experience as a teacher has evolved as a result of your participation in the program. This can be more technique-based than personally reflective as desired.


4. Show a strong desire to learn. Any behavior deemed unsuitable to the integrity of our program could lead to suspension or expulsion from the program without refund. This includes, but is not limited to excessive absences, disrespect toward the faculty, students, Heart Center or yourself.


5. There may be a couple of books required or highly encouraged by your mentor to support your development and skills as a teacher.


The total cost the program is TBD.  Full payment is due prior to the start of the program of which you are accepted.


To apply, email Meg directly at, with the subject line "Path with Heart". Include a few/ dates and times that you are available for a phone interview (30 minutes). Include information about your teaching experience thus far as well as your motivations for pursuing this program. ​

Additional Information:

  • All applicants/ participants must be both certified and insured.

  • This program is approved for Yoga Alliance continuing education credits. YA currently requires teachers to complete a minimum of 30 hours continue education contact hours (+ teaching hours) every 3 years to maintain certification. This apprenticeship includes hours in all 4 CE categories:

    • Techniques, Training & Practice: how to (practice) Yoga​

    • Teaching Methodology: how to teach (Yoga) effectively

    • Anatomy & Physiology: physical and energetic bodies

    • Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics: history, philosophy, ethics and lifestyle practices of Yoga

  • You will receive a 10 class pack for participation in community yoga classes during your apprenticeship. You will not be able to practice in your mentor’s class in place of an above requirement. 

  • With the exception of a mental or physical emergency, you will not be reimbursed for the apprenticeship program if you choose to drop out. You are responsible for the entire amount of tuition regardless if you should decide to drop the program.

  • Completion of all above stated are required for certification of the program.


About: Meg Lucks,E-RYT500, RYS200,YACEP

Meg Lucks is an Experienced and Registered Yoga and Dharma Teacher. She has been a practitioner of both Tibetan Buddhism and Himalayan Yoga for almost 20 years. She has completed over 1000 training hours; RYT-200 (Hatha) with Samadhi Center in Denver, CO and RYT-500 (Ashtanga) with the Himalayan Yoga Center in Goa, India via Lalit Kumar. Her Tibetan Buddhist studies have been primarily supported by Acharya Ani Pema Chodron. Her current Soto Zen Lay Monastic Training is supported by Priest Reirin Gumbel. Meg is the founder and core shastri of The Heart Revival Center for Yoga and Buddhism. Meg’s teaching is a direct expression of the many devoted masters and practitioners who have preceded her on this path. She is passionate about upholding the deepest respect for indigenous, traditional wisdom and contemporary neuroscience alike. Each practice is designed to foster compassion and connection and calls upon the traditions that inspire and gift us the opportunity to express the magical alchemy of the meditative arts, not just in practice, but in every moment of our waking lives.

Mentorship Considerations/ Interest Areas to Explore with Meg:

  • Yoga and/or Buddhist philosophy

  • Classical hatha Yoga practices (asana, pranayama, kriya, mudra, bandha +)

  • The path of Raja + advanced meditation practices

  • Mantra and chanting practices

  • Mindfulness and maitri meditation practices

  • Yoga Nidra facilitation (Himalayan tradition)

  • Sanskrit study and class incorporation 

  • Community building and fostering safe space

  • Running a center for Yoga and meditation

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