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Tap into your greatest potential through the support of guided meditation practice. Audio is completely free and can be accessed by any smart devices. If you love what you hear, consider offering a donation and/ or become a THR meditation member for $5/ month to access dozens of meditations and new pieces each month.

Being Loving-Kindness (playback from Sangha 4/18) - Meg Lucks
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Room to Bloom - Meg Lucks
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Loving Kindness for Self-Love - Meg Lucks
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Choose You - Meg Lucks
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Room for Acceptance - Meg Lucks
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The Foundations of Mindfulness - Meg Lucks
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Waterfall of Preciousness - Roy Grant
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Mindful Breathing - Meg Lucks
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Transforming Anger - Meg Lucks
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Empathic Joy: Mudita - Meg Lucks
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Humming Bee Breath - Brenna Kempf
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Opening to Now - Meg Lucks
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Mantra: Bow to Inner Self - Meg Lucks
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A Journey of Interbeing - Meg Lucks
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We practice and align on the path! Stay connected to your community by practicing and sharing more regularly. Members receive a new meditation every week, have access to the full meditation archive, may post in the forum, gain access to study materials and receive discounts for events. Online subscription is $5 per month and included in your monthly auto-pay membership at the center. Not ready to commit, enjoy free meditation anytime by clicking HERE.


Study, steady and expand. Click to tap into our pre-recorded yoga classes and printable resource links.

  • Live-stream yoga classes hosted via MindBodyOnline.

  • Most classes are offered hybrid: choose live-stream OR attend at the center (limit 6 students & COVID precautions and protocols are observed- see FAQ).

  • Video On-Demand playback/ archive of yoga classes is available with all packs or ala carte via MindBodyOnline - The Heart Revival.

  • Special Classes included in our video library include:

    • Ashtanga Half Primary with Meg Lucks

    • Prenatal Yoga for all stages of pregnancy with Heather Burkart

  • Email with any technical issues that arise.

  • When using your computer, opt for Google Chrome for best audio/ visual.

  • Feeling screen fatigue?

    • Opt to use the Call In Feature for meditation events (hosted via Zoom).

    • Opt to turn off your video while practicing yoga asana too. 

  • Please note that we do not provide playback of our meditation classes or Yoga Basics class to protect student privacy.

Complimentary Yoga Practice to Awaken Bodhichitta w/ Meg Lucks



Welcome. Dive into the rich pages of the Heart Zine. This digital publication is curated by the teachers and guides of The Heart Revival Center for Belonging. The team lovingly positions each issue to align to the season; its themes, energetic patterns and beyond. Enjoy 4 publications per year; available with each Equinox and Solstice. Pre-order any issue and purchase past issues at anytime. A PDF will be delivered via email (Google Docs for easy file access) once the copy is available. Deep bow. Namaste! Our next issue is available on the Summer Solstice. Click to pre-order! Exchange for our publication is $10 per issue.