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salute the sun

Yoga Retreat to Cusco & Machu Picchu, Peru

Friday, June 20th - Saturday, June 28th, 2025


Join Vanessa, Meg and the Heart Sangha on a retreat to source: our beloved sun. This solstice-centered trip has been curated to engage our highest vibrations at a time that energy is high in the Sacred Valley and Cusco.

We will begin our sacred journey in Peru by traveling to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Machu Picchu. Here we will ask our spirit guides for a safe journey to include growth and abundant energy from the Sun. Machu Picchu sits at 8,000 ft, so this will give us a day to acclimatize before we head to Cusco at 12,000 ft. Preparations will be made prior to our departure so that you can have a safe and easeful transition into the high altitude. Once in Cusco, we will celebrate the Inti Raymi (the awakening of consciousness/solstice) festival with vibrant parades that bring the city to life. 


This trip has been planned with intention to support the Peruvian people through eco-tourism. Located just above the city of Cusco in one of the strongest energetic regions on earth, surrounded by powerful ruins and temples, stunning views and hidden waterfalls you will find our amazing hosts at Pachananda (Pacha=time/space/realm & ananda=spiritual bliss). With its mission to raise collective vibration through how we live our lives and a focus on environmental responsibility through renewable energy sources, and locally-sourced food, Pachananda ensures a positive relationship with nature and the local community. 

Your package includes:

  • Our accommodations at Pachananda​

    • Private room with shared bathroom ($2600) - SOLD OUT

    • Double room with shared bathroom ($2200) - SOLD OUT

    • Shared (3-4) room with shared bathroom ($2000) - SOLD OUT

    • 3 vegetarian/vegan superfood meals per day

    • Sun deck & rooftop spaces with beautiful mountain views

    • Large outdoor green/garden area with medicinal plants

    • Outside fire pit

    • Lounge & Dining Hall

    • Library & Spiritual shop

  • Accommodation near Machu Picchu for the1st night

  • Entry and tour of Machu Picchu

  • Ground transportation services from Airport to Machu Picchu to Cusco and return to airport

  • Private yoga shala with guided meditation and yoga practices offered by Vanessa and Meg twice+ daily

  • Wireless Internet

  • A variety of local, eco-excursions and activities

    • ​Hayhuariqui (Despacho) - Andean offering ceremony lead by a Q’ero Andean Wisdom Keeper

    • Guided hike to Inkilltambo ruins and sacred waterfall

    • Hikes to nearby Temple of the Monkey and Temple of the Moon

  • Optional onsite massage services & ceremonies

Tentatively, we plan to arrive in Cusco the morning of Friday, June 20th with direct transport to Ollantaytambo for our journey onto Machu Picchu the next day. We will provide ground transport back to the airport on the morning of June 28th. We will communicate our flight suggestions as they become available. Please feel free to reach out directly to us should you have specific questions or concerns.


Once your booking is approved, a $500 non-refundable deposit is due for each guest. 50% of your payment is due by December 20th, 2024 and the remainder no later than March 20th, 2025 (90 days ahead of our trip). All guests will require a valid international passport that is less than 6 months from expiration. No visa is required for travel at this time. 


*Note that your Package does not include airfare, spa treatments, or any required outside transportation. Trip insurance is strongly recommended and an agent will be provided to you. Must be 21 years or older to apply/ attend. 


Learn more about the retreat center Pachananda.

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