Our teachers lead with courage, compassion and kindness to promote the unveiling of goodness in all. Stewards of Team Heart have rich stories, unique backgrounds and unify under one mission: to spread love!

The Heart Revival invites teachers in from far and wide to share the gifts of their experience and study. We welcome all teachers, healers and space holders to share, support and nourish this community.

Meg has been a practitioner of both Buddhist meditation and Yoga since the early 2000s. Having studied with a wide host of teachers in the States, Canada and India, Meg humbly uses the gifts of ancient wisdom as a gateway into our own understanding of the treasures that are Yoga & Buddhism. Meg completed RYT-200 with Samadhi Center in Denver and RYT-300 with the Himalayan Yoga Center in Goa, India. Her Buddhist studies have been supported by Shambhala Int'l and Gampo Abbey Monastery (Ani Pema Chodron). Meg offers a practice that is designed to shed light on how traditional forms can offer practical tools for modern urban life. Form and function is deeply classical and steeped in dharma.

Embarking on a postpartum doula certification course this fall!

Owner, E-RYT-500, YTT Educator, YACEP,

Dharma Teacher & Birth Doula


Michelle received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Healium Hot Yoga in Bay View in June 2019. As a compliment to both her yoga teaching and military career, Michelle also completed studies to become a Military Resiliency Trainer via the Veterans Yoga Project and a Warriors At Ease level 1 Teacher. Michelle’s yoga classes are nourishing to the mind and the body. She explores the connection of breath and movement with a focus on gratitude, self-compassion, and loving-kindness. Her classes are grounded in tender loving care with each session structured with rhythmic progression and precision to allow the body and mind to flow smoothly together. Her classes are open to all levels and offer space to move safely. Learn more about her at niche-yoga.com.

RYT-200, Military Resilience Trainer,

Warriors at Ease- Level 1


Brenna seeks simplicity, clarity, and compassion both on and off of the mat. Since a child, Brenna has always appreciated the joy of movement and in finding yoga, came to deeply understand the gifts of the body. Her sadhana became consistent through study with Kripalu, the Himalayan Yoga Center and programs steeped in the restorative approach. She comes to her mat and her cushion to practice showing up with integrity, making space for introspection, and moving through the day with intention. Brenna specializes in programs for children, sensory friendly experience, deep restoration and classical practice. In addition to weekly classes, join Brenna for her deeply loved Womxn's Full Moon Circles, gathering once per month on or before the full moon. 

RYT-200, Children's Yoga, Sensory-Friendly, Restorative Yoga


Madelaine (Maddie) has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and received her RYT-200 at Yama Yoga in Milwaukee. Recently, she journeyed to the Himalaya Yoga Center in India to deepen her practice and teaching knowledge with Lalit Kumar. Focusing on the Ashtanga style, she learned the benefits of a dynamic and disciplined practice, along with traditional pranayama and meditation techniques. Maddie is humbled to use traditional yoga and meditation teachings to guide students on their unique path to living a joyful life. Maddie's classes bring attention to a deeper quality of listening via the strength and alignment of the body. Each class calls upon the many ways in which we can more deeply nurture a home practice/ sadhana and truly live yoga in every moment of every day. 



Ally Smalley is a RYT-200, receiving her training through Healium Hot Yoga in Milwaukee, WI. As a classically trained vocal musician, Ally is inspired by connecting sound & breath to meditation and movement. She strives to incorporate all of these elements in her classes, as they have supported and refined her personal practice as both a musician and yoga practitioner. She believes that asana can strengthen and balance the whole body. Yet, in thoughtful combination with meditation and pranayama, one can cultivate awareness and gentleness for their whole self: body, mind & spirit. Experience a more rhythmic means of moving on the mat and in the world!

RYT-200, Music Educator


Stephanie (Stephi) has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and received her RYT-200 in Ko Phangan, Thailand. While she has studied the many styles of yoga, she specializes in classical Tantra and Hatha. After her time in Thailand, Stephi was deeply called to round out her study and practice by committing to being a certified trauma-sensitive instructor. Stephi values a curiosity for learning, play, self-care, and mindfulness; 4 values that she tries incorporate into each of her classes and her everyday life. Stephi is deeply committed to helping students reach their fullest potential in a safe, nurturing, and accepting environment and believes that yoga can help inform, support and heal most everyone! Follow her on Instagram @stephireggieflows.

RYT-200, Trauma-Sensitive Focus


Heather Kolvenbach is a RYT- 200, having received her certification through Healium Hot Yoga- which quickly led her down a path of creating space for exploration. When Heather began her practice, she was drawn to the self-discovery and self-trust that came with the synchronicity of body & breath. Heather believes that movement connects us to greater cognitive strength and furthermore offers a space to feel belonging. Heather's classes touch on this inclusivity by providing room for the exploration of alignment and the use of props for modification to truly access the forms, breath and body-mind connection. Heather is a joyful heart that asks for each of her students to allow the space to be free; to play!



Alison completed her 200-hour hatha yoga training in St. Louis in 2016, led by brilliant teachers of the Anusara, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Yin lineages. Since then, she’s taught over 600 hours of vinyasa/flow, basics, restorative, private classes, and has completed an 85-hour prenatal teacher training in the Spring of 2019. Alison enjoys teaching various formats with an emphasis on alignment principles, thematic exploration, creative expression, and of course, the breath. She approaches teaching as an outlet for creativity, and a way to support others, while immersing herself in a community that she loves. Alison believes that yoga should be accessible and teaches her classes in that spirit. All are most welcome to experience the healing, the joy and the truth of yoga!

RYT-200, PRYT Prenatal Certified


Ashley is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher who specializes in alignment-based yoga asana. She has been practicing since 2000, and strives to continue learning and reflecting on her personal practice as well as her teaching techniques. In her classes, she works to provide sequencing and support designed to fit the class dynamic as well as the needs of each individual. When working together, Ashley loves to learn about each individual; understanding their personal goals, preferences, and any possible obstacles to ensure that she is providing support to the best of her abilities! Yoga is understood when each individual can meet their bodies, minds and hearts no matter what class, style or techniques are offered. Yoga is for everyone!

RYT-200, Educator


Gino received his RYT-200 through Healium Yoga MKE, Co-Directed by Meg Lucks and Sarah Filzen. Gino humbly regards himself as a budding yoga teacher with a desire to help others find balance in their lives through the teachings and experiences he has gained throughout his almost 10 years of practice. As his practice became stronger, he noticed a shift in mind and body, his mind sharpened with a heightened sense of awareness and his body was moving with more ease and balance through space. Overall he felt more balance and unity with everything within and around him. His classes are Vinyasa-based (flowing, synchronized breath and movement), discovering the balance between strength and mobility, exertion and release, all accompanied with steady breathing. 



Jenny is a 200 hour registered yoga teacher currently undergoing advanced certification in Kundalini Yoga. Jenny’s classes are known for their contribution of creativity, joy and freshness in classical practice. Her sequences and themes artfully explore the connection of breath and movement while encouraging deeper introspection through the exploration of strength, alignment, and mindful awareness. Her classes are not only thoughtful and expressive, but also open to all levels and offer wide space to feel safe and shine through individual authenticity.

Check her website: www.jennyurbanek.com

RYT-200, Kundalini Training in-progress, Educator

Jenny Urbanek

Michelle is a dental hygienist and caregiver. Seeking to find a deeper connection with herself and others, she found yoga and meditation. With a deep passion and devotion to the health and wellness of all beings, she is drawn to the need to bring the gifts of these practices to all. She completed her RYT-200 at Healium Hot Yoga and additional continuing education in trauma-sensitivity yoga. She is deeply honored to meet you just as you are.


“You are exactly who you need to be, come and share your light, and I in turn will share mine; together we are community.”

RYT-200, Trauma-Sensitive Focus

Michelle Strenk

Heidi is an active sangha member at Heart Center. Besides having a love for deep coffee conversations, nature, and all things spiritual, her longing to connect with herself and others through various forms of spiritual writing have led her to develop Writing for Awakening classes. Her education endeavors have included in depth studies on intra- and interpersonal communication, creative writing, and contemplative arts. Her life experiences have led her on a mission to assist people on the spiritual journey from the head to the heart, embracing the Light and Love that dwells within each of them. Heidi can be found meandering between evergreen trees, walking mountain switchbacks, stand up paddle boarding and writing about her experiences and curiosities.

Spiritual/Creative Writing Coach,

Mentor, Educator and Author


Jerry has been practicing energetic healing arts since 1990 with Chi Kung Healing methods in relation to his Martial Arts training. He teaches Tai Chi for health and relaxation, Chi Kung for health and vitality and Push Hands for energetic balance, expansion and enhancement. Jerry's intention is for you to be well. He empowers students and clients to learn about themselves and helps each person to understand their unique place in the universe. He tailors diet, lifestyle, meditation & energy therapy to each client to achieve a balanced and healthy life. 

Healing Touch Practitioner & Instructor,

Qualified Mentor and Ayurveda Educator


Roy Grant is a certified Life-Coach (ICF, ACC). He is also a Registered Nurse (BSN), reiki practitioner, self-help author, meditation facilitator and runs various workshops and retreats for the LGBTQ+ community. To Roy, ​life-coaching is like therapy, only juicier, focusing on manifesting any goal you have, while releasing the emotional blocks that may be preventing you from getting there. Find Roy at Heart via his many workshop offerings and facilitated meditation circles. Experience your depth: you are supreme and worth; you are royalty! Learn more about Roy and his many services by visiting: https://roygrantlifecoach.com/. Check out Roy's book, Paradise is Now.

Lifecoach (ICF, ACC), Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Meditation Guide & Author



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