Winter Activity





Deepen your appreciation for practice by joining community for retreat, workshops and deeper learning. All events and courses are curated to nourish you. It is our intention to offer a new depth of practice and community collaboration. 

There is something for everyone!

Upcoming Events

  • Return to Awareness Local Retreat (Join the Waitlist)
    Jan 28, 6:00 PM CST – Jan 30, 11:00 AM CST
    Shalom House, 1872 Shalom Dr, West Bend, WI 53090, USA
    To live in a fully connected state is to experience boundless states of joy, ease and acceptance. With our embodied and interpersonal practices, we cultivate calmness, emotional relief, mindfulness, and compassion to support our return to awareness, together.
  • Somatic Movement + Yin Yoga Workshop
    Jan 30, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
    THR, 3701 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
    During this workshop we will be exploring various somatic movements that will allow us to relate to our bodies and brains as self-sensing, self-organizing, and self-renewing. Honoring the vast intelligence and wisdom of our bodes and the felt sense we have access to, using that as our guide. $35
  • The Language of Yoga: Sanskrit Mini-Course
    Feb 12, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    THR, 3701 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
    In order to best honor the roots of Yoga, it is essential that we immerse ourselves in the intelligent language that carried it for thousands of year. Join Meg for a deeper dive into the sacred language of Yoga. This four-hour workshop is curated for both students & teachers of Yoga (CEs available).
  • Yoga Nidra for Vitality
    Feb 20, 1:30 PM CST – Feb 21, 2:45 PM CST
    THR, 3701 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
    Join Meg for supreme self-care, one Sunday afternoon per month! This Yoga Nidra practice is designed to revitalize, restore and re-pattern your subconscious programming for better sleep, renewed vitality and a deeper connection to inner wisdom.
  • Spring Equinox Gong Bath Sound Healing
    Sun, Mar 20
    The Heart Revival Center for Yoga
    Mar 20, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM CDT
    The Heart Revival Center for Yoga, 3701 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI 53235, USA
    Talented percussionist, Michael Bettine, returns with the magic of sound healing! Join us at Heart Center this fall! $35, limit 10 students.
  • Metta Local Weekend Retreat
    Fri, Apr 29
    Shalom House
    Apr 29, 6:30 PM – May 01, 11:00 AM
    Shalom House, 1872 Shalom Dr, West Bend, WI 53090, USA
    Mettā, or lovingkindness, practice is the cultivation of the intention of benevolence as the orientation of our heart and mind. It is also a path to wisdom. We develop our capacity for mettā through embodiment in order for it to manifest in an ongoing way in our daily lives.
  • Santosha: Local Weekend Yoga Retreat
    Sep 16, 6:30 PM – Sep 18, 11:00 AM
    Shalom House, 1872 Shalom Dr, West Bend, WI 53090, USA
    Santosha translates to “contentment.” This niyama is about mastering the art of feeling at ease and at peace with yourself. This retreat centers around an immersive experience that is designed to rouse santosha in every aspect of our lives and practice.
  • Svādhyāya: Local Weekend Yoga Retreat
    Nov 18, 6:30 PM – Nov 20, 11:00 AM
    Shalom House, 1872 Shalom Dr, West Bend, WI 53090, USA
    The practice of Svādhyāya requires satya (honesty) in order to view ourselves from an honest standpoint, tapas (discipline), and ahimsa (non violence) which reminds us to look upon ourselves without judgement or critique. Discover how our practice for deeper self connection is accessible right now.

Virtual Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Series

led by MKE Prenatal Yoga, Sundays 11am

Join us each Sunday, February 6 - March 27 , for gentle 75 minute classes focused on mamas-to-be and new mamas. Classes will offer mamas a chance to move and stretch, to focus inward on themselves and baby, to prepare for labor, to relax, recover and restore. We will hold space to connect with other mamas in a safe and inclusive circle. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike. $15 for a single class and $40 for four. Register below or via MBO. 

Since this class is virtual, please grab some items from around your house to use as support during practice: a couple pillows or couch cushions, a yoga block or some similar (a couple books, a low coffee table or other sturdy, small surface), and a blanket or two.

Register HERE or via MindBody Online