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Take a Walk

Sometimes it’s ok to do No Thing, and sometimes it’s ok to do Some Thing.

I have come to an interesting place in my life and have found what I want to do when I grow up. Some persons may never get to that point, but happily, I have.

I have worked in University for more than 30 years, chasing data for research. I’ve built many custom research devices and apparatus' helping to collect data, some of which may never come to be used in “real life”, conducted research at the bleeding edges of thin film materials, seeking the best material for the next room temperature super conducting magnets, + physics, engineering, ergonomics, chemistry, biosciences, prototyping, freshwater. I made the machine, that made the machine, that did the stuff to collect and refine the data. I’ve made more stuff out of nothing, for less (“you know we’re on a budget, or when the grant comes in, or it’s a proof of concept”) and yet, this may be new info for you. You may know me better or best as an Energy Healer, “The Bliss Wizard”, “The Geomancy Guy”, “The Ghost Buster”, “The Home Clearer”, “Sacred Space Setter”, “The Labyrinth Facilitator”, Pranic Healing Instructor”, Healing Touch Instructor”, some may even know me as Jerry.

My newest title and one that I am quite proud to have attained is "Grandpa Nanny"! So, I needed to make a change and a shift. From my perspective it’s a good shift!

I took the opportunity this past weekend to do a Labyrinth Walk, but not just any Labyrinth Walk. I walked the Anahata Labyrinth near Eagle Wisconsin on Charlie’s land. I walked it during the Full Moon - Solstice Walk to fully take advantage of the enhanced energetics and higher frequencies at this particular intersection of time and space. Said another way, I walked because all is easier when the Universe is in alignment. That alignment helps you to work deeper, see clearer, go further out, go further in, or just Be. I took the advice I often give: If you’d like to make a change – Do Some Thing, or Do No Thing, AND when making that choice, know why you are doing what you are doing and do it well.

I took the opportunity while the darkest day or longest night (amazing how you can shift perspective and “see” more options) was aligned with the Full Moon. Shadows were clearer and, amazingly enough, the Full Moon was rising diametrically opposite the Sun setting, illuminating the dark with soft, subtle light, to better work in Shadow and Shade to clear and release on all levels.

It was a small but powerful, talented group who walked the Labyrinth, supporting each other and creating Sacred Heart Centered Space. 4 Adepts were in the circle allowing me (who usually facilitates and holds space) to settle back and do some amazing transformative personal work.

The Labyrinth is set in Charlie’s field, it’s all natural and it’s a ¼ mile twisting-turning pathway into the Center. It is based on the Chartres Labyrinth. It is encircled by a large medicine wheel, and in the center there is a smaller medicine wheel. There are 8 attributes which are infused into the structure of the Labyrinth: Love, Balance, Wisdom, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Healing and Compassion. In the center is a fire pit, where various aromatics are placed in the fire to further clear the area and raise the vibrational rates: Frankincense, Myrrh, Copal, Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Rose. We smudge each person before they walk into the labyrinth to clear any stagnations or lower vibrational energy- this supports each person to walk in clean and clear. We suggest that each person walking in write down on paper what they wish to release and use the fire to transform it (breath + intention).

So that’s what I did. I walked in intending to clear and release 30+ years of University “stuff”. It was rather refreshing as I moved forward, feeling lighter and freer. Each step revealed Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual gunk that had slipped into my body and field over time. I had slowly taken it on in little bitty bits and pieces without my conscious knowledge or even permissions. So, I walked, and I saw, and I listened, and I felt, and knew that all of that “stuff” was being wiped away, gently and easily, smoothly. With no trauma, or angst, I revisited brilliant old professors and associates, situations, dramas, and baggage but it was like being held safely to the side, free to release but not take any impact from the remembrances. This allowed me to easily clear and remove that unconscious baggage from my being. With each step and twist and turn and turn about, I grew stronger, knowing my time there was done, that I had actually finally graduated from University; I retired and it was GOOD. As I stepped into the inner circle, I could feel all of that “Stuff” lifted away. Not erased, not charged or loaded, it was accessible and I actually re-remembered things I had thought I had long forgotten. It was like a burden was lifted and I had a “redo”. As I lit the fire and placed the aromatics into the flames, it flared up and I felt a deep release; a profound sense of that which was now done. When I breathed my intentions and placed my paper into the fire, it was as if a burden had been lifted, a door had opened and I was lighter, freer and clearer then I had been in a long time; cords were cut, traumas were released, tangles smoothed, drains and holes plugged and cleansed. This was truly a time to “see” with new light what needed letting go. I let go of what was and I fully embraced what was to be. As I put out the flames and closed the inner circle, ready to bring forth my intentions of moving into my new life, I felt as if I was at the top of a vast mountain in the center of the labyrinth and could look out and see the blessings, and tools, and shifts I need to make going forward. Gliding down the mountain, picking up the Love and Peace and Harmony and Balance and Compassion I was going to need, I felt great joy and gratitude. As I closed the outer circle and expressed profound gratitude, I was given the thought of writing this poetry to capture my perspective and experience and journey.

The core reason I was nudged to write this, comes from a desire to impart knowledge. Know that you don’t have to walk the labyrinth. In fact, there are numerous rituals, traditions, and ways, to grow and heal. There is no one particular way, and there are enough ways for all to find their way. There is a way for all of us, a way to take a walk, a way to let stuff go, to make some shifts, to change the direction and to flow. There is a way to align with Life, Love and Peace. Try! If you continue to do the same thing you have always done, you’ll likely get the same result you always have. Know when to walk, know when to do Some Thing and know when to do No Thing. Enjoy life, have fun, relax, breathe, and flow.

Peace and Happy Solstice,

Grandpa Nanny, Bliss Wizard, Jerry


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