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"Traveling the Path with Good Company"

Happy Spring, dear ones!


Do you feel the lightness of the atmosphere? Do you feel the shifting? I hope that you're healthy, happy and finding opportunities to reconnect in-person most safely with your nearest and dearest. It is like breathing a double dose of spring-time air! While we hope to see you all very soon, we are taking our time to be most mindful in expanding our in-person offerings. We feel also that many of our virtual offerings are here to stay. We have appreciated staying connected in our virtual ashram and studio and are committed to keeping our community close with utmost ease into the future.


As we began to ponder the wisdom teachings for April, we kept circling back to the love that we hold for our community. We know that many centers and studios were not able to keep their brick and mortar buildings this past year. Thank you, thank you, so very much for your commitment to yourself and one another. We are delighted to have made it to our 3rd year and we want to show our gratitude toward you for making it so. We are planning several workshops and events to shine a light on your hearts and our third trip around the sun, together.


One of my favorite slogans is, "together is a good place to be". While practice is deeply personal, there is an extraordinary dynamic that comes to life when we move, breathe and center together. The term "kula" in Sanskrit can be roughly translated to community, family, or clan in English. We remember that the language of Sanskrit is layered. When we explore and feel more deeply, the term highlights the sense of connection that is developed by those of us that come together to practice. Do you know that feeling in a class where you can fully relax, feel, breathe, come into your body and access safety and belonging? Kula more accurately captures the sense of family that is the essence of Yoga; of connected, present and intentional living with self and other. 


Kula shines a light on the shared intention, experience, values and connection that many communities (yoga, meditation and otherwise) work so diligently to create. I know that we have achieved this time and time again at Heart, even virtually, where each of us have felt supported, cared about, considered, inspired and motivated. These riches are not only shared by those in practice together, but by the broader community and beyond. It is true that the ripple spreads far and wide. Kula lives in our hearts, in our voices, our actions, thoughts and beyond. Kula benefits not just me and you, but all sentient beings everywhere. 


Cheers to an inspiring month and year ahead,

Meg and Team Heart 

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