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HealthyApril 2020 to You!

Hello, dear-hearts,


Sending love all around during this time of great unknown. I have been struck by the ways in which community is awakening; coming together more fully despite quarantine and isolation. It is times like these that remind us just how deeply connected we all are to each other, to the planet and the whole cosmic soup that holds it all together. Buddhist teacher, Thich Naht Hanh, once said that the next Buddha is Sangha/ Community. This is something that I have believed to be true in my life and in my heart. I have seen the reality of this statement while leading retreats, during the sharing between sangha members within community meditation, in the moments before, within and after yoga asana practice... there we all are- waking up together. It seems especially potent during this time of heightened awareness around the collective health of humanity as we navigate the COVID-19 virus. May we remember in times of difficulty and in isolation that there are others out there in the same position; feeling many of the same emotions and holding many of the same thoughts. May we bring their company into our minds and hearts and share breath, experience and heart. May we slow down, connect to our bodies, emotions and awaken the gratitude that endures within the heart. May we care deeply for ourselves and remember that the care we extend to our bodies, minds and hearts is received by all sentient beings. This month, as we practice from moment to moment, may we consider the opportunity to rouse bodhichitta. Let us stay connected to the knowing that others are like you. 


Bodhichitta is loosely translated to the ‘will to Enlightenment’ or the ‘heart-mind of Enlightenment’ - signifying the complete dedication of our efforts to cultivate wisdom and compassion, making no distinction between our own well-being and that of others. In that sense the development of Bodhichitta is a truly communal practice that arises naturally in all we are and all we do. Every action, every thought, every feeling is a shared experience by us all. 




I am sure that many of you would love to know exactly when we can come back together physically in our space. Please know that we seek the same clarity and await the day with much anticipation. Given the mandates for all non-essential businesses to discontinue in-person services, Heart intends to do our part by being closed until May 1st. Please stay tuned for updates. 




Thank you, thank you! We are so grateful for the donations received these past couple of weeks. It takes a village to navigate challenging times like these. Every contribution further ensures that Heart will be here to stay for quite some time. We feel loved and deeply cared for and hope that you do too. To continue to extend our care for all of you, we will keep the meditation portal open.


Meg and Team Heart

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