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Happy February 2020

Hi! Welcome to February, dear-hearts!


It doesn't take long to see, sense, feel and know that love and compassion are central to the Heart-Center experience. It's our art! While we do not need an excuse of any kind to manifest and spread love, this February we are not afraid to ripple out just a little bit more.


Let's look at the heart of the matter: love is at the core of our collective being. It is a vital part of our essential nature and it has a resilience and limitlessness that enables it to expand to the ends of the universe. When we feel love for self or others we can sense the truth to such a statement because we can feel how effortless, easeful and delicious it is. Consider how difficult it is to carry hate around? It dredges us down; grinding against our very nature! Think about the last time you felt great, full of love and joy... you couldn't wait to share it with someone, even if that someone was a complete stranger! Further, consider how wonderful it is to see someone you love really shining and in the flow... we get to be in that love bubble with them! This concept in the Buddhist tradition is referred to as mudita. Mudita is a Pali word that translates to sympathetic joy. Umm... gorgeous, right?


When this concept bubbled up in my contemplative practice, I thought of a very special sangha member. She frequents the center numerous times per week and we are all so grateful and better for it because she embodies an endless flow of love, compassion and genuine care. She listens intently to members of the community and when she speaks, she inspires and warms our hearts to the very core. Her name is Amy Griebenow and if you haven't met her, please offer yourself the gift of sharing presence and sympathetic joy with her as soon as you can! Here's what Amy had to say about this month's wisdom teachings:


It's Amy! You have all shared so much of your happiness with me over the past many months that I would like to share with you a very big part of who I am and what brings me happiness! 


Years ago I became a student with a local Hala (Traditional Hawaiian Cultural School), Na Hale. The Hawaiian Community welcomed me in and with humility and devotion I've studied the Hawaiian Language and respected my Kuliana (Responsibility) to perpetuate the traditions and practice of Kahiko (Traditional) Hula, Auana (Modern) Hula and Hawaiian Culture.


These past four years I have been invited to practice as Ho 'opa 'a. Ho 'opa 'a means literally - to make fast, to keep or to memorize. It is a humble station, as keepers of the Oli (Chant) and the Ipu Heke (Double Chamber Gourd/Drum). As the Ipu/Drum strikes the earth, Mana (Divine Life Force) is drawn from the ground through the gourd for the Community. [see photo below] I am continually honored to learn and practice.


For me Sangha and Halau are hand in hand, both honoring indigenous wisdom and its ability to nurture. I want to say Malaho Hau'oli - Thank you for the Happiness Sangha! You share unselfish joy for others so effortlessly. It's beautiful and powerful. I'm so lucky to be in your light.


Let's share an "Aloha!" the next time we meet! The spiritual significance of saying the word Aloha is -  "Alo" - Human and "Ha" - Breath of Life. So when you say, "Aloha" you are saying "Breath of Life, Love and Compassion to you." There is also a traditional greeting called the Hongi, two people press their foreheads and noses together and breathe, exchanging the Breath of Life. It is sacred to share each others breath... Sound familiar? We collectively breathe together all the time during Sadhana and Meditation at Heart Revival! We are exchanging Aloha with the Earth everyday, just by breathing... You inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, plants and trees absorb our carbon dioxide in photosynthesis and release oxygen, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide...


So you see, you are in all things. We are all interconnected. Please breathe deeply!


I can't wait to see you at The Heart Revival or Hale i Ka Pu'uwai (House of the Heart).


'Ike Aku, 'Ike Mai; Kokua Aku, Kokua Mai

Recognize Others, Be Recognized, Help Others, Be Helped

Amy : )


Thank you, Amy! Sangha, please join Amy and me this coming Monday, February 3rd at 7:30pm, during Awakened Heart Community Meditation for a Tea and Ti ceremony from Amy's lineage. Sympathetic joy, cookies, tea and wisdom will be plentiful. 


With heart,


Meg, Amy, Michelle, Brenna, Maddie, Stephi, Roy, Heidi, Heather, Ally, Alison and Jerry

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