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Our heart team proudly curates a set of teachings, practices and information each month and season to help you live a life of balance, alignment and connection: Yoga! Click through regularly to explore, learn and grow on the path. 

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July 2024: Rhythm & Repose

Lotus Flower

Happy July, Sangha!


I can scarcely believe that we are halfway through this dynamic year. Coming into July, I am happily exhausted - in awe of what we have all accomplished together. Comparing this feeling to the season, it's as if we are standing in miles of wild flowers. A voice in my heart sweetly says, "go slow, smile wide and take it in''.


Thousands of years ago, beneath the full moon on hot summer nights in India, Ayurvedic healers collected dewdrops from blue and white lotuses and stored them as sacred medicine. According to the scriptures, if you place a drop of this precious substance on your tongue, it will cool your entire body. This “moon nectar” pacifies the pitta dosha, the subtle energy that controls metabolism and can cause us to overheat when it’s hot outside.


Much of Ayurveda’s wisdom is based on the idea that “like increases like.” That’s why Ayurveda treats imbalances with their opposites. A vaidya might suggest that we opt for cooling foods like cucumbers to quell excess fire. They might advise swimming and taking time to stop and smell the wild flowers. This principle is so simple it’s easy to overlook, but once you apply it to your daily life, you’ll be amazed how quickly you can rebalance your body and mind. With pitta in balance, life is good: you experience unmatched energy and drive, mental clarity, vitality, strength and delight. Learn more about the doshas and pacifying pitta with Banyan.


In drafting this letter, I was given the gift of repose from Heart guide, Heidi Nehring. Enjoy some of her insights on striking lived balance. Thank you, Heidi! 


Summer. Time of play. Time of heat. Time to slow down. Time for breath and spaciousness. And yet, how many of us jump in head first, grasping, attempting to hold on to what we think of as the only sliver of freedom afforded to us in the year? Trying to create the “good times”, protecting them, and wondering whether more will come once the cold comes in. For some of us, the abundance of the season can actually bring scarcity.


As a middle school teacher, it’s very easy to get caught up in the storm throughout the year, with barely any gas left in the tank come May. I am well-versed in getting lost in my dreams and desire to play, making up for “lost time”, thinking during the year that I’m penned in and that there is no freedom until summer.


Over the years, I have had to learn how to create space. I've learned to welcome what is, versus trying to control every aspect of the day-to-day. I've needed to recreate, time and time again, a personal sadhana (practice) that fits with the truth or reality of life as it is happening. Letting go, I am liberated. I see the suffering that is created if I personally try to hold on, force an idealized state - “the dream.” I am reminded of The Heart Sutra from January:


Ill-being, the Causes of ill-being,

The end of ill-being, the Path,

Insight, and attainment

Are also not separate self-entities.

Whoever can see this

No longer needs anything to attain.


Prevailing wisdom naturally welcomes us back to the middle, to balance, to ourselves. It's happening for all of us in our own ways- the lived Dharma of each sangha member - living, breathing, shifting. Each of us is presented with opportunities to strike balance, as peace and suffering are a choice. "Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.” A quote I want to fight with whenever I read it because I have seen and felt so much suffering. Still wisdom remains. I realize that there are tools and practices to support me in my return to Self. I don't need to grasp, nor do I need to live in scarcity. I can wholeheartedly trust that goodness and joy may be located in every moment, not just at specific times of life. Balance prevails.


BKS Iyengar states, “Body is the bow, asana is the arrow and the soul is the target.” If we are constantly trying to attain a bullseye outside of ourselves, reaching for desires and dreams, more times than not we will miss the mark and suffer. There may be very little joy. If we remember that we are spiritual beings, that we are sacred, that we have all we need right here, joy becomes immediate, and the Path we share, delightful.


Thank you Sangha for space. So grateful!

With love,



Happy summer, y'all! Let's slow down and enjoy each other's company.


Hands to heart,

Meg Lucks | Konchok Dzeden Zangmo


PS: Our daylong sit was so successful (over $2000 raised for Cambodia) and impactful for our community. This is something I have been longing to share with our community for almost a decade! Given it's value to our practice, we will be offering donation-based half and full day sits beginning in the fall of 2024!


More to come! Learn more about how we are continuing to prepare for our service at ABCs and Rice in October by visiting Give directly to our fund here

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