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Camping by the Sea

Living Awake Yoga Lifestyle Immersion

Led by Meg Lucks, Vanessa Weber, Michelle Marrero

+ the broader Milwaukee Healing Community

Summer 2024 - Full and In Session

To live fully is to be wide awake in the world, with a wise and compassionate heart. This Living Awake Yoga Lifestyle Immersion (non-teacher / non-certification track) encourages the exploration of the limitless ways to deepen and progress along your path of connection. Living Awake is ideal for those students who aspire to explore yogic teachings beyond weekly class offerings, and immerse in a deepening of their personal practice. Recommit to your motivations for practice, steep within the theoretical, reflect, discuss, connect, feel and be.


In this course we recognize that the Indo-Buddhist path is just one of many; there are as many methods and motivations for awakening as there are people! Therefore to compliment the learning experience, we are offering additional modules and discounted 1x1 care, by our broader community. Connect to your inner wisdom with herbalism, Jyotish/ Vedic astrology, energetics, Taoism, modern psychology and more. While we invite most of the providers into Heart, we will off two field trips to connect with Tippecanoe Apothecary and Angelic Roots. Immersion concludes with a culminating 4-day local retreat at Lotus Lake Buddhist Retreat Center (included within your tuition).


May we feel inspired to grow, moving beyond stagnation or a fixed mindset, to remove what hinders and to create the right circumstances to gain further experience and realization.


Our cohort (limit 12) will gather via a curated summer schedule, with alternating Friday evenings and occasional Sunday afternoons from June 14 - August 9th. Retreat happens Thursday through Sunday, August 22 -25.

Living Awake Schedule:

  • Friday June 14th 6-8:30pm, Raja: Body-mind as the Path w/ Meg, Michelle + Vanessa

  • Friday June 21st 6-8:30pm, Karma: Selfless Service as the Path w/ Vanessa + Meg

  • Friday June 28th 6-8:30pm, Bhakti: Relationship as the Path w/ Meg + Elias

  • Sunday July 7th 1:30-5:30pm, Jnana: Study as the Path w/ Meg + Kerry

  • Friday July 12th, 6-8pm, Prana Workshop with Jerry

  • Friday July 19th, 6:30-8pm, The Art of Sadhana Workshop w/ Morgan

  • Sunday July 28th, 1-3pm, Ayurvedic Herbalism with Kyle at Tippecanoe

  • Friday Aug 9th, 5:30-7pm, Sound & Spirit with Djuro at Angelic Roots (tentative)

  • Thursday Aug 22- Sunday 25th, Living Awake retreat at Lotus Lake

Our Teachers:

  • Meg Lucks, E-RYT500, Dharma, Scripture, Meditation

  • Vanessa Weber E-RYT200, Hatha Yoga

  • Michelle Marrero E-RYT200, Emotional Intelligence + Resilience 

  • Elias Sol, Trauma-Informed, Mental Health Counselor

  • Jerry Becker, Energy Practitioner of Healing Touch Wisconsin

  • Morgan Engels, E-RYT500, Bodywork of Root+Rest

  • Djuro Rodic, Sound Healer of Angelic Roots

  • Kerry Shamblin, Jyotish/ Vedic Astrology of Planetary Influence

  • Kyle Denton, Ayurveda/ Herbalism of Tippecanoe Herbs

Program Price, includes retreat: $800

*Some Zoom participation + playback available

Retreat is required and included within your tuition

Lotus Lake Retreat
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