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We are sangha.

Teachings from the Heart of Yoga & Buddhism for Living an Engaged Life

The Heart Revival Center is a place for belonging. We are a sangha (community) who believes that embodied,  mindfulness-based programming has the power to enrich lives and strengthen connections. Each of us plays our part to create an intentional space for the contribution to a culture that is most connected and compassionate.

Heart opened its doors in 2019 with a heart-centered mission to forge a collective where members are willing to be their whole self in mind, body and heart. In being, we bring that authenticity into the world, to all sentient beings.

Our guides are classically trained and passionate about upholding the deepest respect for indigenous Yoga, traditional wisdom/ lineage and contemporary neuroscience. We provide community meditation, classical Yoga classes, dharma study, workshops, community gathering, teacher trainings/ education, local/ international retreats, pre-recorded content and so much more. 

We Honor Lineage

The Heart Revival movement is inspired by Yoga & Buddhism’s long traditions of wisdom and practices which help cultivate understanding and love; it is not based on beliefs or ideology. These many lineages have inspired us and have given us the opportunity to express the magical alchemy of the meditative arts. The spirit of our practice helps us cultivate a compassionate, open and non-discriminating mind. We honor everyone’s diverse spiritual and cultural roots. You can join as a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Jew, Muslim, as an agnostic or atheist, or member of any other spiritual or religious tradition. All are welcome. 

Our Heart


We are sangha.

The Heart seed was planted in 2015, in a Yoga Shala in Goa, India. Since then it has been actively and lovingly tended to and cultivated by our sangha. I am pleased to share that we are making an impact and are about to begin our 6th year via our tranquil center in St Francis, with an incredibly brilliant team of space holders.

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