Together Is a Good Place to Be

The Heart Revival is a labor of love, made possible by a community of wide-awake hearts. Each of us plays our part to create safe space for deeper spiritual practice and the contribution to a culture of connected compassionate living. Join us to explore and unify through the transformative practices of meditation, yoga, writing, lean-in circles and countless other means of heart-to-heart gathering. All people of all experiences and backgrounds, seeking a deeply devotional practice and community, are most welcome. 


Our community currently meets weekly online for live-streaming yoga & meditation AND at Heart for small in-person gatherings, classes & self-led practice (Urban Retreat)! Click around to learn about our class offerings (packages available), events, pre-recorded meditations, and printable practice resources within the free Community Library. More meditations available via our Meditation Membership ($5/ month).


Please note that during COVID19 times our center in St. Francis is used for small, physically-distanced gatherings (limit 6-8 students), self-led practice sessions (Urban Retreat, limit 3 students) and 1x1 support. We will stay agile in response to CDC guidelines and will therefore release a schedule of online and in-person offerings month by month. Learn more about our COVID19 Precautions HERE.


We invite you to come and discover that Yoga is not just a physical practice, but life itself. Yoga is belonging and you belong.

Our Heart-Centered Intentions:

May we align to our highest selves and know that we are divinely looked after by the universe.

May we welcome both beauty and pain with ease/flow and release all that no longer serves us (with utmost gentleness) so that we may open and create space for what is supportive & new.

As we willingly spread love to each other, may we understand that the more blessings we share, in and out of the center, the more miracles we receive. 



Together We Thrive

Join us at Heart Center in St. Francis for small in-person gathering and self-led practice.

Move, Breathe, Be

Join us for weekly live-streaming yoga, meditation and connection time via Zoom!

Support Services

Join our certified Heart Guides for Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching and more... 

Womxn's Full Moon Gather

in Aquarius | July 31st

Let's connect online with the warmth of our sister friends under the glow of grandmother moon! | Facilitated by Brenna Kempf via Zoom | $15

Awakening Your Resonant Voice Online Workshop

Move, breathe, write, meditate and connect. | Faciliated by Heidi Nehring & Ally Smalley | $30 | Info coming soon...

via Zoom



Wish to donate to show your support and help us in our mission to create access to practice and study for all who seek it? The Helping Hands of Heart is a scholarship program that creates financial opportunities for those in need to practice yoga, attend events and study to become teachers of yoga, meditation and beyond. Click the donate button to make a contribution via PayPal or the support button to contact us about making a contribution (monetary or in-center supplies). Every little bit makes the biggest of difference. 

Looking for some support yourself? Send us a message. Your request will be reviewed within 72 hours of receipt. Some follow-up questions will likely be required once your application has been reviewed. While no guarantees can be made, we try our best to serve.


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