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Training the Heart

There are so many methods to grow in our spirituality (yoga, meditation, kriya, devotion...), but there is none greater than training in keeping our hearts open.. despite the many triggers that seduce us to shut down and close! We all know that feeling of wanting to slip away unseen - that instinct to protect ourselves from what hurts. But the reality is that the only true way to protect ourselves is by keeping our chests open, shoulders back and heads held high. We protect o...ur life, our energy and abililty to push through (our resilience!) by remaining open. Consider the adversity that you have experienced and acknowledge how it has made you stronger. Consider all the times that it has helped you to reorient your shoulders to march in the direction of what is right.

Take a moment to thank all of those that told you "no" or those that pushed you down and likewise, thank those that kept you lifted.

Every interaction and experience in this short life is a gift - we are exactly where we need to be and must trust that the path is right and true.

Be here, little bird. Let the muck roll off you wings and know that you're glowing and growing in love and light.

From my heart to yours,


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