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YOU ARE Loved.

Heidi celebrates her one year anniversary with the Awakened Heart Sangha on Monday, January 6th, 2020. Please enjoy her words in this piece, entitled, "You Are Loved". We are so grateful to be in community with you, Heidi! Namaste!

In the quiet. In the stillness. In the silence of the heart. When the noise and business of life has subsided, and you are offered peace, can you sit with yourself alone? When thoughts arise? When you have time to be with yourself, to look at the relationship you have with yourself, do you feel loved? Essentially, when asked that question, most likely people we care about show up in our minds. We might say, “I feel loved by this person...or that person.” But, I pose the question again, do you feel you? Do you see all of your beauty, all of your amazing qualities? Do you see the wonderful things you have to offer others, your gifts, abilities, talents, your love? Do you believe you possess these attributes even in the negative chatter, or the moments that are challenging, when we don’t like how we’ve acted or responded? When we sit in the quiet of our hearts, our hearts that are buried under the days, or possibly years, of heaviness, do we feel the light and love we all posses? Believing we are loved and deserving of all gifts, that we are accepted and loved in all aspects of our being? Our struggles, our hopes, our longings? Do we see that even those are gifts given in the nurturing and development of who we are? That we can use our longings in cultivating our true intent and purpose, essentially to sprout our wings? For underneath the weight, the struggle, the negative chatter, the hurt, is love. To want to give, receive, and be loved. Because, we are love. You are love. One of the most difficult journeys from the head to the heart is to accept this within ourselves, trusting that the Divine in the Universe has blessed us with light and love. That it’s more powerful than the negative chatter, the darkness, the heaviness. That light and love has no choice but to push up and out from the center of our heart’s longings to be loved and seen, for all we are, regardless of what we feel might be limiting conditions. Yes, you are loved. Always. As we enter the new year in all its aspects, maybe the best resolution we can offer ourselves is to resolve to love ourselves. To find ways to release the armor. Unpack the load. Provide moments of solitude, breath, movement, release, and vulnerability. To offer ourselves permission to be who we are in all degrees of light, to embrace ourselves, to know all is good, and that we are loved. And, you are loved. May we work together in honoring ourselves through this continual journey, believing that you are loved. You are loved. You are loved.


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