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Snow Moon. Snowy Day. Snow Goddess.

On this chilly, snowy full moon, dear sangha member, Amy Griebenow, shares beautiful insights from her mindfulness journey that is ever-steeped in her Hawaiian lineage.

Aloha! Breath of Life to you Sangha!

After a beautiful Super Snow Moon last evening, I love that today, Poli'ahu - Hawaiian Goddess of Snow and Compassion - is taking care of us.

She lives at the summit of Mauna kea on the Big Island of Hawaii, but we can feel her

gentle white cloak all over the world. Quiet and cooling, Poli'ahu tempers and nourishes the earth with snow.

We can witness her gift of compassion during a snowy day... neighbors help each other shovel, strangers stop and help push cars out of snow banks and we check on our loved ones.

Take a moment outside, or at the window if you'd like, and feel Poli'ahu's white cloak of compassion nurture you and our community. She is here and it's a beautiful day. Enjoy!

Mahalo Nui Loa Poli'ahu - Humble Gratitude to Poli'ahu.

My humble gratitude to our Sangha.



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