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Embracing the Spring Equinox of 2020

This time of manifesting is marked by the Spring Equinox and the astrological New Year. Offering wisdom on this auspicious time, is Heart's ever-nurturing Heather Kolvenbach.

On March 19th at 10:50pm CST, the Earth is at a zero tilt in relation to the Sun. This phenomenon is known as the Spring Equinox. For one day, the community of Earth shares equal parts day and night. Following the Spring Equinox, the Earth shifts and we usher in the astrological New Year (hello fellow fiery Aries!). Time as we know it in our modern day celebrates the new calendar year, but this my friends, is the true time of rebirth. The privilege of living in a four-season climate allows us to witness the rebirth of nature; life begins again. The trees begin to bud, flowers bloom, and plants take root with another year of wisdom and experience within. My friends, I ask you to give yourself permission to do the same with your vessel. In the weeks approaching the Spring Equinox, begin to notice the cosmic nuances that are leading you to your annual rebirth. THR community has such diverse offerings to nurture you during this special time. In addition to your asana practice, did you know that we have educational and writing workshops? Our Full Moon Circle honors the Full Worm Moon this month, a quite literal symbol of worms emerging from the Earth once again. The Spring Equinox is our cosmic check in with balancing our yin and yang, our darkness and light. Life is a balancing act and most fulfilling when we embrace the dualities.

Let's check in: How is your practice doing? Are you attending classes that you ‘should’ or are you answering the call of classes you need? Notice if you are feeding one side, creating an imbalance of your duality. Can the time you carve out to be in your community be better served with a class or offering that tilts the imbalance to zero? How can you practice the foundation of the Spring Equinox every day? Is your practice fostering depletion or creating wisdom? Much like nature’s renewal, this is your time to root with another year of wisdom and experience within. One of the greatest pleasures as a yoga teacher is being witness to the very personal practice of my students. The duality of teaching is offering the breath to lean into challenges, but also giving the space to modify or rest. It is so profound to be in the balance and knowing when to push forward or scale back – this is metacognition. This relationship with yourself - the ability to tilt toward the light or to darkness – is your contribution to the human lineage with Mother Earth. We welcome the Spring Equinox as our teacher, to guide us in our journey as makers of intentional balance.

Namaste, sangha.


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