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Playtime is Now!

This month at THR, we’ve embraced the theme of play as a pathway to possibility. Spring can be a lovely time to tap into our playful side. The earth comes to life in full color, and at times it seems as though we are starring in our own version of The Wizard of Oz. Amongst the vibrant color, even Dorothy was inspired to play as she skipped down the colorful yellow brick road.

And so, during this time of change and growth, the question remains:

What does adult play look like?

To many of us, this concept is a lost art, long forgotten amongst the growing responsibilities of adulthood. Though underutilized as a form of self-care, I argue that adult play is one of the more powerful ways to access joy and creativity.

So, how do we begin to say “yes” to more play?

Let’s begin with our younger selves. Envision some of your favorite activities as a child. What hobbies provided you with wonder, joy, or a surge of imagination? When was the last time you took part in these childhood amusements? Though we may no longer find joy in playing with stuffed animals (hello, little Stephi!), perhaps we can create space (and time) for that activity to evolve.

Some of my favorite forms of adult play that I have borrowed from my childhood include walking barefoot in the summer, swimming, dancing, and writing. As an adult, I find that these activities make me feel creative and giddy, often providing me with a greater joy than they once did as a child. By consciously saying “yes” to play, we open pathways (aka yellow brick roads) to possibilities.

Stay silly. Play. Know that you belong. <3

I call this uninhibited joy in the ocean:

From my playful heart to yours,


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