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Why Attend a Weekend Retreat?

"Mindfulness is not just a practice, it is a gateway to a free and joyful heart." -Jack Kornfield

"This is the best event I have participated in, in years. I tried to come in with an open mind and was rewarded with a new group of friends! One of the best experiences of my life."-Attendee

"This was a life changing event; I am so thankful for the experience and will try to go quarterly."-Attendee

"The spacing of the weekend was great: informal beginning, hard work through out the 2nd day but a good amount of free time to ourselves and wrapping it up on Sunday was great. Plenty of time to get to know each other but still get practice done."

"Meg’s schedule was perfectly balanced. Loved the mixture of breath work, meditation, yoga, hikes, silence. Food was fantastic.

Beautiful scenery!"

"I loved the food!! I enjoyed the individual and dyad meditation; the yoga was awesome and I loved the outdoor meditation."

"The amazing women!!! Loved the meditation, the food, the incredible nature, and being led

by Meg."

Love and light- so much gratitude for the gift of retreat!


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