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Heart Sangha Supports the Children of Cambodia

Sangha! We are looking to activate our community now through October 2024 in our pursuit to support the children of Cambodia. Twenty heartlings will travel to Siem Reap, Cambodia to volunteer at ABCs and Rice from October 17-28th. However, we bring the love and support of our entire community with us. We encourage you to get involved in anyway you can. Read on to learn more.

Living Karma

We are taking retreats to the next level at Heart, by studying and practicing the karma path. This year we are focusing our efforts on supporting ABCs and Rice, a non-profit school and community center in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia. 

ABCs and Rice offers free education, nutrition and healthcare to children of Siem Reap Cambodia. At times, it is also a safe-haven for children otherwise vulnerable to child labour, neglect and in some cases abuse.

Often families will struggle to send all or some of their children to school due to overbearing poverty, especially in the villages. In some instances economics outway their desire for their children to be educated.


ABCs and Rice understands this challenge and works with the local village chiefs to target the families in the most need by offering them a place at the school. This in turn gives the family access to the rice program. 


ABCs and Rice takes a holistic view of education and community empowerment. Read more at their website:

Learn more about our local connection:


Get Involved

We invite you attend events happening now through October at Heart that support our goal of raising $10,000 to donate to ABCs and Rice. Save the date(s). Sign up information coming soon!

While supplies last, shop at Heart's mini Fair Trade market, located in the lower-level of our Center - we ask that you shop before or after class times, offering any donation amount that you'd like, via our easy shop QR code in center. Enjoy! 

June 21st - Solstice Donation Yoga Class, Join Us

June 22nd - Sit-a-thon 8-Hour Sit at Heart Center, Sponsor and/or Join Us

July 13th - Hearts on Fire: Hike + Fireside Chat @ Lapham Peak

July 20th - Karma for Cambodia Yin Class @ Healium Restore, Join In

September 7th - Jam for Cam - Dinner and live music event

September 7th - Community Auction

Want to host an event or fundraiser within your own community? Write  Vanessa at to see how you can help.

If your time is limited, but you'd still like to help, please donate. We appreciate you sharing the opportunity to donate with friends and family as well.

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